A head start

Welcome to the Heroes of Newerth Noob Guide!!!

Heroes of Newerth

This is the one place you want to be if you’re willing to take a step further into this new version of Dota and (finally, I might add) leave the decreptic mass of the so called “noobs”.

Erm… first things first, I have taken the liberty of writing down this guide to try to help the noobs curb their noobidity (woah, new words \o/ ), despite the fact that I am a noob myself. I won’t lie to you, my PSR is 1397 as of the day I started this blog, though I do think that most of my losses were due to noob teams.

Well, anyway, if you’re willing to give it a shot and listen to some of the advice I can give you, then feel free to explore this blog as much as you want – and don’t forget to post a comment on the things you find interesting and intriguing.

I suggest you start with the principles of HoN and continue your exploration from there.

I know its a long way up to the top, but let’s face it, it must be done. You either work hard to improve your play, or you’ll die being a noob.

And by the way, if you think this is pure crap and that being a good HoN player does not depend on knowing the rules of the game, just access the pages and leave a comment anyway, because I’d like to see your points of view.